All users of the College's 信息 technology 资源 must agree to abide by 这一政策.

用户: 学院现有的教职员工和学生有权使用学院的 Computer Network and Services upon executing this User Agreement.

资讯科技资源: All Roxbury Community College Information Technology Resources, including but not 仅限于计算机、打印机和其他外设,程序、数据、本地和广域 area networks, email, and access to the internet and world wide web.

可接受的使用: Acceptable use of the College's 信息 technology 资源 is restricted to 用于直接相关的学术、教育或专业目的 学院的官方业务和支持学院的使命,而不是其他 禁止.

禁止用户在不可接受的情况下使用学校的信息技术资源 manner including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Viewing, downloading, storing, and/or transmitting sexually explicit, obscene, or 儿童色情物品;
  • Recreational game playing and/or using gambling websites;
  • Installing unlicensed software and/or downloading non-work related 文件 onto the College's Computer System without written authorization.
  • 向任何其他人披露用户ID;
  • Decoding or attempting to decode passwords or access control 信息;
  • 从事任何可能对系统或存储的任何信息有害的活动 thereon, such as creating or propagating viruses, disrupting services, or damaging 文件.
  • Making or using illegal copies of copyrighted software, storing such copies on the 学院计算机系统,或通过学院计算机网络传输上述副本.
  • 浪费计算机资源,包括将程序置于无限循环中,打印 学生计算机实验室和教室中纸张过多,分发纸张过多 连锁信件或从事与本政策不一致的活动 可接受使用条款.
  • 从事任何破坏、修改或滥用硬件和/或软件的行为 资源.
  • 促进任何非法行为,包括违反任何刑事或民事法律 或者法规,无论是州的还是联邦的
  • For any commercial purpose, including but not limited to soliciting the purchase, 出售、出租或租赁私人财产、商品、服务或房地产;
  • 从事非学院业务或因个人原因使用系统.
  • 拦截、解码、阻塞或干扰任何通信 其他的人.
  • 任何人士在任何情况下,均不得使用书院的电脑 or networks to libel, slander, or harass any other person. 下列条款构成 computer harassment: (1) using the computer to annoy, harass, terrify,intimidate, threaten, offend or bother another person by conveying obscene language,pictures, or other materials, or threats of bodily harm to the recipient or the recipient's immediate family; (2) using the computer to contact another person repeatedly with 骚扰,骚扰:恼人、骚扰或烦扰的意图或效果,不论是否真实 传达了信息,和/或不存在合法通信目的; (3) using the computer to contact another person repeatedly regarding a matter for 一旦接收方提供了信息,哪一方没有合法的沟通权利 reasonable notice that he or she desires such communication to cease; (4) using the 计算机干扰或损害学术研究、行政管理或相关活动 of another; and (5) using the computer to invade the privacy, academic or otherwise, of another or the threatened invasion of privacy of another.
  • For any political purpose not permitted under a collective bargaining agreement or 违反任何州或联邦法律(请注意,根据马萨诸塞州竞选 金融法律,没有政府资源(包括计算机,传真机,调制解调器, 打印机,和/或复印机)可以被任何人(包括公职人员)使用 (在工作时间或其他时间)以支持或反对某一政治候选人 或投票问题或为传播倡导某一特定的材料的目的 对选票问题或政治候选人投票. 此外,除了禁止之外 在国有财产上进行任何形式的政治筹款,公职人员将进一步受到限制 禁止 from soliciting or receiving, directly or indirectly, any contribution 出于任何政治目的);
  • Infringing on any intellectual property, copyright or trademark rights. 用户 负责知识产权的承认(归属)和尊重 别人的.
  • Engaging in academic dishonesty (plagiarism, cheating).
  • 除非被授权代表学校发言,否则用户必须避免给人留下印象 他们正在这么做. Users shall take appropriate steps to avoid the possible inference 通过大学的电子邮件系统或张贴到电子邮件的信息交流 forum connotes official College authorization or endorsement of the message.
  • 未经许可访问受限制的数据. 在履行工作职责的过程中,RCC 员工和其他授权人员可以访问机密数据或专有数据 信息. Under no circumstances is it permissible to acquire access to confidential 资料,除非该等查阅获授权. 在任何情况下,雇员或其他 授权人员传播其合法拥有的任何机密信息 未经授权进入.

应对安全和滥用事件: 如果您怀疑有人滥用此政策,包括但不限于 to, the security of any of the College's 信息 technology 资源, notify 员工的主管、人力资源部,如果是学生, the Office of the Vice President for 招收ment Management and Student Affairs. 在哪里 violations of law are alleged, the College Security Office should be contacted.

不期望隐私: 学院的信息技术资源是罗克斯伯里社区的财产 College and/or the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and are to be used in conformance 有了本保单. Users of the College's 信息 technology 资源 shall have no expectation of privacy over any communications, transmissions, e-mails or work performed using the College's 信息 technology 资源. 使用学院的 资讯科技资源即表示学院已明确同意监察 和/或检查用户创建或接收的任何数据,他们发送或接收的任何消息, and any websites that they access, as well as monitor network activity in any form that the College sees fit to maintain the integrity of the network. 书院保留 the right to inspect and access any user's computer, any data contained on it, and any data sent or received by that computer,including, but not limited to, e-mails.

没有保证: 学院对服务不作任何形式的保证,无论是明示的还是暗示的 它提供了. The College will not be responsible for any damages a User suffers. 这包括由于延迟、不交付、服务中断而导致的数据丢失 caused by the College's negligence or by the User's errors or omissions. 使用任何 信息 obtained via the Internet is as the User's own risk. 特别是学院 否认对通过本网站获得的信息的准确性或质量负责 它的服务. Users need to consider the source of the 信息 they obtain and 考虑这些信息的有效性.

互联网和万维网接入: Use of 因特网或万维网 is governed by these policies. 用户应该 be aware that the College is neither responsible for, nor maintains control over, 任何链接到其网站的页面. 互联网或万维网的用户完全是 responsible for all materials viewed, stored, transmitted, or downloaded. 此外, 学院不控制、监督、审查或限制信息的访问 因特网或万维网.

电子邮件: RCC发给教师、学生和工作人员的电子邮件将是官方电子邮件 messaging system for all college-related electronic transmission.

版权保护:Computer programs are valuable intellectual property. 用户不允许使用 any software unless it is properly licensed to the College. 除了软件, 在互联网上发布的任何信息也可以受到法律保护,例如 作为网站上的文字和图形. 因此,用户的尊重是很重要的 知识产权所有者的权利. 用户应该谨慎和判断 当复制或传播可以合理地期望受版权保护的信息时. Pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. 1203§(我)(1)(A),用户 从事版权侵权行为的人至少应享有访问权限 终止.

责任:It is the responsibility of any person using the College's Information Technology 遵循此策略的资源. The use of the College's Information Technology Resources is a privilege, not a right, and failure to observe this policy may subject Users 根据集体谈判协议或其他人员给予纪律处分 policies,including, but not limited to, loss of access rights, expulsion from the 大学和/或学科.

The 信息 contained in this website is for general 信息 purposes. 虽然 the College strives to keep 信息 on the website up-to-date and correct, we 不能保证会是这样. 因此,学院不作任何陈述 或任何形式的保证,无论是明示或暗示,关于完整性,准确性, 网站本身或信息的可靠性、适用性或可用性; 在其上提供的产品或服务. 浏览者对网站负责 contacting the appropriate College office to verify 信息, and any reliance 访问者可以在网站上放置的信息、产品或服务 provided on the website is, therefore, strictly at his or her own risk.

In no event will the College be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever that may 因使用本网站而产生. 通过这个网站,浏览者 是否可以连结到其他不受学院控制的网站. 这些联系的存在并不意味着学院批准、推荐、 或认可这些网站的内容.

Users of this website should comply with the College's

"Information Technology Resources Policy and User Agreement"



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